A Direct-to-Church Experience
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The Appearing is a five-part seed-sowing experience from the Voice of Prophecy. During this all-new outreach event, Pastor Shawn Boonstra will share timely truth about the Second Coming with your guests, comparing what the Bible says with several of the most popular end-time theories today.

For The Appearing you are going to become a Voice of Prophecy speaker! Your community needs to meet you. It's your ministry that should be featured.Shawn Boonstra, Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director

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      Your Campaign Edition will contain:

      • (1) Event DVD
      • (1) Campaign Resource DVD
      • (1) Event Manual
      • (1) Copy of the The Appearing sharing book written by Shawn Boonstra
      • (20) Study Guides for each night of the event
      • Special access to online materials that will enhance your meetings

      The Appearing is:

      • A direct-to-church event
      • 5 plug-and-play meetings
      • An invitation to your guests to continue studying the Bible with you
      • A partnership between VOP and your local church
      • A complete, easy event you can use to reach out to your community
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      Host The Appearing:

      1. Pray For God's Leading: For an event like this to be effective in reaching your community, everything must be bathed in prayer. So take a moment to pray for God's leading right now.
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      3. Register as a Host Site: This signs your church up to participate and gives you access to the online meeting resources.
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