Introduction to The Appearing

The Appearing is an easy way for your church to connect with your community. At the Voice of Prophecy, we’ve specifically designed The Appearing to bring people from your community through the doors of your church. This project is designed to help fill one of the deepest needs we all have–a deep need to share Jesus and introduce people to our church, in a way that isn’t awkward, or uncomfortable.

That’s the reason for The Appearing. We’re going to take something REALLY interesting—something most of the world is talking about anyway—and we’re going to showcase it from a user-friendly perspective that the world doesn’t have.

Because we are putting together a national advertising campaign, and we are telling all of our listeners at the Voice of Prophecy about this exciting event, people in your area will be looking for a host church. Let The Appearing be the catalyst to new stories and new faces in your church.

Let's Do This Together

Seventh-day Adventists have something incredibly valuable to add to the public discussion about Christ's return. The time has never been better. Together, let's share the truth that so many hearts are desperately seeking: that the end is near, and that those in Christ have nothing to fear at The Appearing.