Event Format

The Appearing has four teaching components:

Video Experience

The meeting begins with a video presentation by Pastor Boonstra, which was filmed in a documentary style. In each video, Pastor Boonstra will introduce viewers to some of the most popular theories about the Second Coming and compare them with what the Bible says will happen.

Guided Discussion

At the end of each video, Pastor Boonstra will turn the time over to a local moderator who will lead your local audience through a short follow-up Bible study. The study will both review the content they just heard, and add a few questions to deepen their understanding. This will allow for more personal interaction and stronger relationship-building, and quickly establish your pastor or one of your elders as an authority on the subject.

Follow-Up Class

During each session, Pastor Boonstra will promote a follow-up class that will meet weekly at your host site. It should begin the Sabbath following the conclusion of the series. This might be a pastor’s class, another Sabbath School class, individual Bible studies, a local evangelistic campaign, or a home Bible study group.

Companion Book

Additionally, Pastor Boonstra has written a book on the topic, The Appearing. This 160-page sharing book is a companion to the five presentations— providing more depth for key topics. This book will be released in October 2018 and will arrive in time for you to use it as a giveaway item during the series.