Partnering With Your Church

Millions of people listen to the Voice of Prophecy’s broadcasts and visit the ministry’s websites, and tens of thousands of them respond by phone, mail or the web. But our job isn’t done until this audience is integrated into the life of local Seventh-day Adventist churches.

That is why we are so excited about this event. One of our key purposes is to invite the Voice of Prophecy audience and other members of the public into a local Bible study that helps them get to know you and your church.

Your church is the only place where people can participate in The Appearing, and that’s very intentional. If we just put this program on ABC, NBC or the History Channel, none of those viewers would ever meet you. So this is a direct-to-church event that the Voice of Prophecy will advertise—and your church members just have to bring one or two people they know.

This is about coming together, encouraging people to come through the doors of your church, and creating an environment where these “new faces” can build relationships with your longtime members.

Let's Do This Together

Seventh-day Adventists have something incredibly valuable to add to the public discussion about Christ's return. The time has never been better. Together, let's share the truth that so many hearts are desperately seeking: that the end is near, and that those in Christ have nothing to fear at The Appearing.