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Bulletin Inserts (Editable)

For all of these bulletin insert files, print the page double-sided, then cut the page in half. You’ll then have 2 half-page bulletin inserts.

Bulletin-Insert-Editable.docx (Word, 2MB)

Bulletin-Insert-Editable.pages (Pages, 3MB)

These editable bulletin inserts may be customized with your specific dates, times, and location. Once you’ve downloaded the file, follow these instructions to customize:

1. Open the file in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or another compatible program.
2. Edit the dates and times to match your schedule.
3. If you have a customized URL (such as RevelationTodaySeminar.org/Chesapeake), change the URL to match your custom URL.
4. Edit the location to match the name, address and phone number of your church.
5. Save your customized file and print.

Bulletin Announcements (Editable)

This is a sequence of announcements to put in your bulletin, starting 6 weeks prior to the event. These are available in 2 file formats: Word, and Plain Text.

Bulletin-Announcements.docx (Word, 20KB)

Bulletin-Announcements.rtf (RTF, 70KB)

Prayer Cards (Editable)

This is a simple prayer list handout for your congregation, to invite them to pray for an opportunity to invite specific people. This file is 4-up on a letter-size page. Print and cut to 4.25″ x 5.5″. The Word doc is editable.

Prayer Card- Editable.docx (Word, 19KB)

Prayer Card- PDF (Not Editable) (PDF, 15KB)

Tabletop Flyer (Editable)

This 8.5 x 11 flyer has been designed as a tabletop flyer. Download the PDF, then you will be able to edit the text. Next, simply print your flyer and display it however you like, such as in a clear plastic flyer stand.

Editable Tabletop Flyer (PDF, 117KB)

Promo Slides

Five slides to promote the event at church. Choose between the ZIP package for Keynote (Mac) and Powerpoint. After you download the file, you must unzip the file to access the slides. (If you’re having trouble on a Windows computer, you may need to install the free WinZip software.)

Promo Slides—Keynote for Mac (ZIP, 3MB)

Promo Slides—Powerpoint (ZIP, 3MB)

Press Release

This press release template may be used to submit to news organizations. Fill in your local details and submit it to your local newspapers, radio stations and TV stations. You might be suprised at the response!

Press Release.docx (Word, 43KB)

Promo Trailer

We’ve created high quality trailers for The Appearing. These videos do a great job of describing the event and raising expectations for participants.

Download the trailers now:

Trailer.mp4 (MP4/MOV file, 17MB)

Trailer2.mp4 (MP4/MOV file, 423MB)

Radio Spot

We’ve created a 0:59 second radio spot for you to use locally. At the end, there is a 15-second tail left for you to customize to your event. Here is a sample script for that time frame:

“The Appearing is coming to [name of location] October 11-15. Learn more at www.Appearing.org/[url code] or call [phone number].”

RadioSpot.mp3 (MP3, 2MB)

Additional Radio Promotion

Strong Tower Radio is a network of Adventist radio stations that is always interested in running public service announcements or ads for free about upcoming events. If you are in their range (click here to find out), contact Tom at tom@strongtowerradio.org for more information.