Relevant Outreach

It's on people's minds. Millions of books have been sold— too often with the truth left behind. Social media is filled with people sharing and re-sharing conspiracy theories about it.

Exceedingly popular movies and television shows depict a sensationalized end of the world and apocalyptic events that are not even close to biblically accurate. Ongoing wars rage across the world, and hurricanes, tornadoes and floods rock the planet on a regular basis. People around the globe and in your community are asking, "Are these the last days?"

And that means we are living in a ripe moment for our church to tell the story we know. There couldn't be a better time to talk about the hope of the Second Coming with the people in your community.

Recently, self-proclaimed Christian numerologist David Meade predicted that the world would end on a specific day in 2018. His theory gained front-page coverage on major news outlets for several weeks, and caused an uptick in search engine searches for topics like "apocalypse", "Book of Revelation" and "end of the world."

It is on people's minds, and people are talking about it. It's time for the Truth to be heard.

The Appearing

What if there was a simple way to just invite people to church for something you know they’re going to enjoy— something that will pique their interest and make them wonder what else our church has to offer?

That’s the reason for The Appearing. What we’ve done is take something really interesting— a topic that is very relevant in our world today— and we’ve showcased it from a user-friendly, biblical point of view.

The Appearing is a five-part experience, specifically designed to help your friends become more interested in what you believe. It’s been designed for who are interested in learning what the Bible says about the Second Coming. Our desire is to help you invite those people to your church. We will tease the audience with Bible prophecy, and teach them just enough so they realize that your church has something special to offer.

Most of all, we want to help you invite people into your church. This a powerful and interesting way to encourage your friends to visit your congregation and just get to know you. There are no strings attached. We want this to be an opportunity to bring people through the doors of your church in a way that isn’t awkward and uncomfortable. It’s just really good material the church can be proud of— stuff that starts a discussion.